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Dare. Dream. Do. Keynote

Nina’s company, Dare. Dream. Do. Inc., helps leaders, sales executives and creatives in allowing their dreams to come to life. In this powerful keynote, Nina shares her own personal story of failure after failure with her dreams and aspirations taking years to come to life. She gives you tips and insights on how to DARE first (By having the courage to go for it.) DREAM; the ability to visualize your future and give yourself permission to dream, and then to DO; to get to work and take action – The do-do-do part!

Many people expect a company to make them happy. They have a difficult time taking responsibility or increasing what is known as the emotional intelligence (EQ) muscle to improve their work life. The underlying notion is something external provides happiness. That’s not how it works. The individual needs to tap into their personal power in order to achieve success.

In this inspiration keynote, Nina can help companies, sales executives and teams go for it. It is a great way to motivate, reenergize and align a company’s vision and goals with the highest possibility for success. She also gets the individual to tap back into their own vision of purpose that allows the success to take root and maximize results.

Only 8 percent of us achieve our goals according to a study out of the University of Scranton. Then what do the 2% of the other people do differently to help them achieve their success? There are certain characteristics every successful person has in life. Find out and hire Nina for your next big goal setting or sales mission!

Energy Keynote

In the last several years, Nina’s leadership work has expanded to include having leaders be better at managing their own energy and really enjoy the process.

Burnout rates have increased 33% overall in 2020 according to LinkedIn. “Its is time to turn this ship around”, says Nina Boski. “We can no longer function at high rates of starting at 7a in the morning and going to 10p at night without something taking its toll. It is usually our health or our emotional well-being.”

In a survey by CDC, overall mental health is becoming an epidemic. 40.9% of respondents reported at least one adverse mental or behavioral health condition, including symptoms of anxiety disorder or depressive disorder (30.9%), symptoms of a trauma- and stressor-related disorder (TSRD) related to the pandemic† (26.3%), and having started or increased substance use to cope with stress or emotions related to COVID-19 (13.3%).

Now more than ever, everyone from executives to Moms, need to learn how to create more energy in their day and learn how to create space to combat all of the variety of negative messages, images and stress coming at them on a daily basis.

Given 2021 is a year that we are trying to resolve a pandemic, civil unrest, political differences, fires, earthquakes, and technological hacking, our ability to successfully manage our energy is at the forefront of everyone’s “to-do list.”

Last year in Nina’s coaching practice, her number one weak area in all of her client’s lives were management of energy (work-life balance), and having fun and enjoying life. Many people do not know how to access joy, happiness and fun in their lives anymore.

Could this be you or your team?

Back in 2017 the University of San Diego conducted a study that said we are processing about 34 gigabytes of information daily. What does that mean to you and I? If we were a laptop, we would crash within a week. Now, with all of the stressors of 2020, it is more invaluable today than ever before that we learn to create a space that allows to function at full capacity and that does not mean go-go-go!

Nina says, “It’s important that we start to operate like high peak performance athletes and learn how to play-all-out and then recharge, review and replenish in between to avoid burnout and to create the ability to have massive success by aligning without energies.”

Why Hire Nina

Nina’s energy is contagious. The minute she walks into the room, you feel her energy. She walks her talk.


Insurance Executive

Nina is fun and engaging, but she brings wisdom and thought-provoking information. I would hire her again. Our team really enjoyed Nina’s tools and insights. She is a great speaker for any organization!


CEO, Tech Startup

Nina really made me rethink my work and life. I was on the edge of burnout and I could not understand why I was not making an improvement. She showed me that it is not about what you do in life. It is about who you are and how you show up. I am much happier and improving every day.


Sales Executive